Custom Work Portfolio

Wondering if Stitchin' Addiction can create your dream dress?  Tiffany specializes in replicating photograph examples of historical fashion and in cohesively pulling together design elements from several pieces to create a new design.  Browse some of her past custom work below.

A Christmas Carol 1844 Evening Gown

This dress was Stitchin' Addiction's Christmas design for 2020.  After re-reading A Christmas Carol, Tiffany was inspired to recreate scenes from the book, but with a feminine protagonist.  Using this fashion plate from 1844, she designed this gown.  Mr. Stitchin' Addiction took the photos of Christmas Present, Past, and Future that you see here.  To see all the inspiration for this gown and photoshoot, view this Pinterest board.

Jo's Afternoon Gown (1867)

This gown was designed for a competition with the theme "Once Upon a Time..."  Of course, Tiffany had to use her favorite girlhood book, Little Women, as the inspiration.  She re-read Little Women, annotating for Jo's characteristics. Using the frequent mention of "red" in connection to Jo's wardrobe, and Jo's tomboyish actions and wishes, she used military-influenced fashion from the era to create the final design.  You can see the Pinterest board with all extant inspiration dresses here.

An 1865 Ball Gown for a Preteen

This dress was based on the well-known pink and white ball gown worn by Countess Wilhelmina Von Hallwyl.  Tiffany adapted the patterning and sizing to fit a preteen.

A Regency Dress with Frankenstein-Inspired Embroidery

This version of Lizzy's Walking Dress was made unique with the addition of embroidery on the forearm of each sleeve.  The original embroidery designs were done by Sew Sew Satisfying.

Replica of Queen Louise of Prussia's Spencer Jacket

This jacket was a partnership between the client and Tiffany, as we worked together step-by-step to design the jacket and source materials.  The client wanted a jacket that had a few differences in design from the original, and we were both very pleased with the result.