Meet Your Designer/Seamstress

Hello!  I'm Tiffany, the owner, operator, designer, and seamstress for Stitchin' Addiction.  I am so glad that you are here!

My love for classic literature, paired with a passion for accuracy and quality in historical sewing, have shaped Stitchin' Addiction.  As a girl reading classics like Little Women and Anne of Green Gables, I just wanted to become my favorite literary heroine in historical fashion.  Soon after my mother and grandmother taught me to sew at age nine, I began constructing various costumes.  Within a few years, others began asking me to sew for them, and Stitchin' Addiction was unofficially born.  

I have used my 30+ years of sewing experience and extensive research to design and draft a set of historical clothing for women in the 19th century. Most designs are inspired by literary heroines from classics, and that is how you will find them organized on this website. All items are sewn for durability with a mixture of historical and modern sewing techniques, and most fabrics are sourced sustainably from deadstock sellers and destash groups. (This also means that there is only enough of a fabric to make one item, so act fast if you see a fabric you love!)

Your creative journey with Stitchin’ Addiction is a partnership.  It begins with a discussion (feel free to email me or contact me on social media) about the details of your dream dress, from details to sizing to fabric.  Fill out the "Contact Us" form today to begin that discussion!

No matter what you choose - a commission, custom pattern, or virtual sewing classes - it will be backed by hours of studying photos, art, and museum quality photos of clothing from the time period to draft (or help you draft in sewing classes) and create clothing that accurately reflects the time period and your vision. High-quality materials, careful craftsmanship, and attention to detail create the finished design for commissions.

With my designs, patterns, and classes, you will look beautiful in historical fashion designed and sized specifically to flatter your body!  So, whether you are an attendee at an event, a historical reenactor, an actress in theatre, or an avid admirer of classic literature and period dramas, let me help you create the perfect look.