Collaborate with Stitchin' Addiction

Stitchin' Addiction is always looking to collaborate with

  • photographers/videographers
  • models (*please see note below)
  • influencers
  • makers/purveyors of historical goods and accessories

If you are fit into one of these categories and want to collaborate, please fill out the following contact form by detailing:

  1. Your name, contact information, and all social media platforms (including YouTube and blog, when applicable)
  2. Why you would like to collaborate with Stitchin' Addiction
  3. What you can bring to the collaboration
  4. What you hope to gain from the collaboration

We take into consideration all requests and look forward to possibly collaborating with you.

*Stitchin' Addiction focuses on diversity in age, size, race, etc. when choosing models rather than any formal experience modeling.  If you're interested, please fill out this model interest form instead of the contact form below. 

Thank you for your interest!